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The client is an individual user who had saved all his film content in Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone


To successfully recovered all the lost data from the client's Samsung Galaxy S5 phone that was completely broken and its components detached.


Contacted Stellar Data Recovery-Hyderabad for recovering data from his phone.


Successfully recovered the lost Photographs, Contacts, SMS, Whats App Chats, videos, audios, and all other applications data from the Samsung Galaxy.

Android Mobile Data Recovery From Broken Samsung Galaxy S5


J. Vivek is a freelance filmmaker from Hyderabad, the capital city of South India’s Telangana state. He used his Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone with 16 GB storage capacity to store data related to his movie that was still in the making. He also used it to save other information such as Contacts, text messages, images, music files, etc.
Although his Samsung phone was reliable enough, this time he lost all the data related to his film that was still unreleased. He lost all data such as the voice recordings, Whats App audios and the videos that he had recorded to add in his film. He also lost other data such as SMS, contacts, calendars, to-do list, etc. that he had saved on his phone.


Mr. J. Vivek who used his Samsung Galaxy smartphone to store all valuable data of his yet to be released film and other valuable data broke his phone completely. The breakage was so severe that the screen of the phone got utterly shattered, its battery was damaged, and even the rest of the components of the phone were damaged and got detached from the handset.
With this, he lost the Photographs, Photo files, Audio and Video clippings, Contacts, SMS, Whats App Chat messages, other application related data, and all other data that he had saved on his phone.
Here, the challenge was to recover all these data, especially the ones related to his film as all the components of the phone was damaged and detached from the handset. In addition, the embedded Multi-Media Controller (eMMC) chip damaged a bit, and it was difficult to read it.


The client knew that he could not recover data from his broken phone ever on own. However, as he desperately needed the data of his yet to be released movie he was thinking about a resolution. As he had never faced such a situation, in the first instance it was difficult for him to find a suitable resolution.
After consulting other filmmakers, friends, and doing searches online, he discovered Stellar Data Recovery, the name of which was floating as one of the top most and best providers of mobile data recovery services. He also found that one of its Service Centre was in Hyderabad itself and very close to his house.
Thus, after searching for the branch’s phone number, he contacted Stellar Data Recovery Hyderabad after finding the Customer Care number. After dialing the number, he connected to the executive to whom he explained the entire issue and how terribly he wanted all his data back, especially the ones related to his film.
The Customer Care executive then told him to bring his broken phone and all the components that he could gather to the Service Centre and that the experts would analyze it first as the phone severely damaged. The executive gave him 99% assurance for completely recovering all his data.


The data recovery experts diagnosed the broken phone and its damaged components. After diagnosis, they confirmed that they would be able to recover the complete data out of it. Although the client was not very sure in the first instance about the data recovery, he gave a green nod for it, as he desperately needed the data. The experts then proceeded with the recovery. They removed the chip with precision and connected it to their specialized reading tool. The reason being, the chip reading technology used and data extraction ability was available only with the data recovery experts of Stellar Data Recovery. Finally, on doing this, the dedicated experts recovered all data from the client’s severely damaged Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. The client applauded Stellar Data Recovery’s timely assistance.


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