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NAS Storage Offerings From Western Digital – A 6 TB 5 – Platter Hard Drive Featuring Industry Leading Arreal Density

Posted on Aug, 19, 2017

Western Digital, a world leader in storage solutions is expanding the WD Red line of SATA hard drives for the home segment and the small office NAS systems, with the first-to-market 6 TB capacity of NAS based storage. This comes along with the WD Red Pro hard drives addressing the medium to large business NAS market. These are compatibility tested with the top most NAS  System manufacturers and optimized for power and performance. The WD Red 3.5 inch hard drives are available in 1 TB to 6 TB capacities.

The product from WD boasts of increased capacity up to 6 TB, bay counts up to 8 bays and additional features based on the latest generation of Nasware technology. The products are based on exciting innovation to the categories.

More about the products

  • WD Red

This was first introduced in 2012. WD Red hard drives address the NAS storage and the growing demand for the reliable, affordable, compatible storage by reduction in the total cost of ownership for the customer. The greater storage capacities are coming with the 5 TB and 6 TB models of the WD Red line of products and also increase in performance based on Nasware 3.0, which is an enhanced version of the original version of the WD’s Nasware technology. It is designed to improve system performance and reliability, reduction in the downtime for the customer and a simplification of the integration process.

3D Active Balance Plus is another feature of the WD Red Hard drives. This is a balance control technology, which ensures a significant improvement in reliability and overall drive performance.With the enhanced Nasware 3.0 capability, the WD Red 1-6 TB drives are supportive of up to 8 bay NAS systems and with no negative impact on performance.

  • WD Red Pro

These are applicable for the medium to large business environments. This new WD Red Pro line is supportive of 8 to 16 bays in NAS systems. The high performance and the reliable storage are powered by Nasware 3.0. The full portfolio of NAS storage solutions is now being offered, the WD Red and the WD Red Pro, for both the consumers and the business NAS solutions. This is designed to handle the increased workload of the business. It has the additional feature of hardware vibration compensation technology, which monitors the drive to correct both linear and rotational vibration in real time with the increase in drive reliability. There is also an enhanced dual-plane balance control technology.

  •    WD Green

These are the cool and quiet hard drives from WD with 5 and 6 TB additions to high capacity consumer storage. The high capacity 6 TB hard disks have integrations with My Cloud from WD, My Cloud Ex2, My Cloud Mirror Personal Cold Storage as well as My Book and My Book Duo External Solutions and Cloud Ex4. It has compatibility to work with wide array WD OEM NAS partners.

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